Authentic & Alive

The brand Livia encapsulates the philosophy: authentic and alive, representing the promise of 'alive' and extraordinary lifestyle experiences. Our distinctive approach lends itself well to creating spaces for likeminded people. People who share the same approach to life. People who don't settle for less.


Authenticity drives Livia towards individuality and uniqueness of each project. As opposed to mass housing, the company believes in creating boutique projects that are not template based.


Being alive signifies a deep and engaging journey from inception to completion, and not something that's mechanical and heartless. It lends itself to modern and dynamic concepts that are in tune with design and architecture all over the world.

Beyond four walls

Authentic and alive is also about designing spaces that breathe with adequate natural light and ventilation. Spaces that are genuinely alive with meticulous planning, recreation, green spaces and more square feet per person.

About Us

Livia Spaces is a premium residential development company founded by Mecheri Holdings and Avnish Gupta, who is also the CEO of the company. The founders jointly possess over six decades of experience in the building industry with expertise in building technologies and services. They are people like you – successful, discerning, quality conscious, understated and constantly in search of excellence - in everything they do.

We envision ourselves in your shoes when we design our projects and think as you would, to ensure the right attention is given to every single detail – not just to ensure the project looks good on paper, but more importantly it is sustainable and provides long term value.

Building value above all else

At Livia the whole concept of buildings extend beyond mere four walls. Everything the company builds is supported by our rock solid foundations of ethics and transparency.

Livia's quest is to set a benchmark in the usability, efficiency and maintainability of every building they undertake. In doing so Livia is committed to working harmoniously with the environment and implementing sustainable building practices.

The Company's policy of selectively developing boutique projects helps us to focus all our resources and expertise to the needs of each project, leading to uncompromising quality, on time completion and delivery.

Livia @ Luz Church

Only a select few get to live at the Livia@Luz Church. 12 to be precise.

12 signature apartments are designed by award winning architects Ong & Ong, and stand out for their aesthetic design, delicate balance of privacy and openness, and refreshingly large spaces.

Avnish Gupta - CEO

A Master Mariner by profession, Avnish has a varied exposure to different industries as an entrepreneur, such as Sheet Metal Fabrications, Chemicals, Interior Designing, Security Safety & Building Automation and Real Estate Development. He was an integral part of the core team of Mumbai based Raiaskaran group and was involved in conceptualizing a One Million Sq. ft of mixed use development in North Mumbai and its initial implementation. His area of focus has been operations that includes Project Execution and Customer support.

Rajeev Mecheri - Director

Holds a post graduate Management degree from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business and is a Commerce graduate from Loyola College, Chennai. As a first generation entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience in the "Building Technology & Services Industry", Rajeev's focus has been business development, sales & marketing and building meaningful, longterm customer relationships. He has also had prior experience of working with Babcock & Wilcox, a US based boiler manufacturing company and with AIESEC India, a non profit student organisation.

With a genuine interest in meeting like-minded people , he has held leadership positions in peer–to–peer business organisations like Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO), being the founder of it's Chennai Chapter and Young President's Organisation (YPO). Rajeev is also on the Board of Advisors of AIESEC Chennai.

Anand Mecheri - Director

An electronics and communications Engineer and a 1st Generation entrepreneur, Anand has over 23 years of experience in the "Building Technology & Services Industry". Anand is a pragmatic visionary. He has the capability to envision impact of future technologies and translate them into business value. Anand's area of focus has been applied technology, business planning and operational excellence.

Anand is a voracious reader and has interests in varied subjects like Philosophy, Spiritual sciences, Vasthu shastra. & Yoga among others.